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The most effective air purifier during covid is a device that removes various contaminants that are present in the air, on hard surfaces, and within the fibers of carpets and below the surface in bathrooms ad beneath the floorboards.  This is where the microscopic germs and bacteria that you cannot see, are lurking.


Utilizing a product like Airsteril provides all-around protection because it does not just remove particles out of the air.  Standard air purifiers that use HEPA filters do not kill germs and bacteria and they do not remove odors from the air.  They also will not kill germs and bacteria from hard surfaces such as bench-tops and below the flooring.


Within 10 minutes, Airsteril has proven to remove 99.9% of germs that are airborne.  Within 24 hours, this increases to 99.99%.  It is a good idea to keep them switched on 24/7 because this is the most effective way of removing the germs that can spread very quickly in an enclosed area.


The technology has been used since 2009 when an external Health Association in the UK undertook their own tests to prove the Airsteril technology effectiveness in reducing germs and bacteria.  This is why Airsteril is used through-out Europe and the UK in Public Hospitals and many other sectors of the market.


Airsteril was also used in the Ambulance Service offices where emergency calls were taken throughout the UK.  In fact, after a successful initial pilot study, it was decided a comprehensive study should be conducted throughout the UK.  In 2014, a 9-month test was undertaken where there was a dramatic decrease in sick leave in comparison to the same period in 2013.  Across the board, sick leave was improved to the point where it saved 1500 days in sick leave which saved more than 210,000 Euros per annul at a rate of 142 euros per day.

Key points to note:

  1. Overall, the trend in the number of reported calendar days lost due to sickness shows a reduction from 2014 versus 2013 for the same period of time.
  2. Within specific sickness reasons, the results vary but some notable areas of reduction are:

Based on the average cost of sickness per day within these areas being £142.28 (£18.97 per hour, for 7.5 hours/day).

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