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The Airsteril brand of Air Purifiers is known to remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria within 10 minutes. Other brands of Air Purifiers are only removing particles from the air. Within 24 hours 99.99% of germs are irradicated and the magic will continue to protect you from potential outbreaks of covid.

They are actually killing germs, removing odour and mould spores, removing smoke and pollen from the air and cleaning hard surfaces.

So, what are the other benefits of using a business-grade air purifier?

1. Root Cause of Infection

Did you know that covid-19 is a form of multiple germs and bacteria that spreads through the air we breathe and is lurking in corners of your house that you cannot see?  So, if you are not killing germs and bacteria, you have a problem.  If all you are doing is removing particles out of the air, you are not treating the root cause of the infection.

2. Allergy Sufferers – Remove the Irritants in the Air

Asthma is aggravated by pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke and other irritants in the air.  Many Air Purifiers do not address these issues.  Check before you buy an Air Purifier that these issues are covered.  These are so tiny that a standard Air Purifier does not eliminate them from the air.  Vacuuming carpets will stir up the dust and other pollutants that might be causing your allergy.  Shaking bed coverings will unleash dust-mites.

3. Pollution that causes Allergies

As soon as you open the doors, windows and allow the air to blow in from outside, you will be polluting the air.  It is a well-known fact that the bad air is outside.  When you open the doors, especially during winter and autumn…  you are inviting inside, the pollutants that cause allergies.  This includes asthma but also covers a range of other allergies such as hayfever and sinus problems.

4. Pollutants from Outdoor Traffic – cause more serious health effects

The outdoors also contains pollutants from traffic such as cars, trucks, equipment and factories.  So, by opening the windows and doors you are also inviting inside a whole range of pollutants that will aggravate asthma and allergy sufferers.  It also causes more serious health effects that can be damaging in the longer term.

5. Removes bad odours and mould spores

Airsteril not only removes most of the pollutants that blow in from the great outdoors, but it also removes bad odours and moulds spores from the source.  Even beneath carpets and floorboards and in bathrooms where mould and fungi is quite common.  The pleasant odours that you inhale from perfumes, hair sprays and room deodorizers are not good for you.  In fact, they mask the real smells in the room.  They also cause nausea and breathlessness.

6. Improves Sleep

Airsteril Air Purifiers improves Sleep by removing fungi and mould spores.  Have you ever smelt an area with a strong mould smell?  It is disgusting.  Not only does it smell bad, but it is also actually a growing living organism that will not go away unless you remove the source of the problem.  People spend thousands of dollars on specialists who are paid to find the location of the smell.  Airsteril knows where it is lurking and completely irradiates the problem area without the need for a specialist.

7. Improve Life Expectancy

Can Improve life expectancy.  If you can’t breathe properly, due to smoke and other irritants in the room, it will affect your life expectancy.  You become accustomed to bad smells in the room and you may not even notice that it is present.  Cigarette smoke has always been a problem, but anything that is not meant for your nose should be avoided at all costs.

8. Deep Clean the entire house without using Poisonous Chemicals

Covid is a germ that is spread through-out the house and if anyone is sick or comes into direct contact with the infected house, you need to be able to deep-clean the entire house.  Airsteril will do this for you 24/7.  It is a combination of germs and bacteria that needs to be removed.  Cleaning the house with chemicals and wearing masks does not solve the problem – until you get rid of it.   Germs and Bacteria will continue to grow and become a bigger problem.  Eventually, you will need to be able to focus on the source, that is killing the microscopic germs and bacteria that will spread through-out your house until it is removed.    This is why, when there is a covid outbreak, eventually the spread gets greater and greater until the source is found and they begin the contact tracing process.

9. Kill the Germs that you cannot see

But where is the location of a germ?  Without a microscope how do you detect where it is.  It is like trying to eradicate dust mites or like trying to eliminate cockroaches.  When they hear you coming, they will move to a different room or bury themselves in your carpet, or beneath the floorboards.  You need to treat the entire house.

If your neighbors treat their house, they will just move next door (to your house).  This is a known fact.  Unless of course, you treat the root cause, by killing them.

10. Install a Commercial Sterilisation device

Yes, you could hire professional cleaners.  Not only would that cost a fortune, but I don’t know many cleaners that are capable of killing tiny little germs that you cannot see.  That is, without poisoning everyone in the house while they are at it.  If you tell them, you have covid in the house, they would run a mile.  And, it would be cheaper in the long run to install an Airsteril commercial sterilisation device that cleans and protects your family 24/7.

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