Airsteril Australia

Client Testimonial

St Basil’s Aged Care

Thank you for providing us with the Airsteril WC20 deodoriser machine that was installed in the disabled rest room at our Lakemba facility late last year.

As you are aware, the machine was installed in one of our most frequented rest rooms. The unit is a great concept and performed well.

True Medicine

During the recent heavy rains and consistently high humidity, the MF20 played a major role in preventing mould formation.

When the unit stopped working due to the need to replace the UV-lamp, it felt like I’d lost a limb.  Despite excellent ventilation, the air just does not smell as fresh.

Marriott Hotels

Fortunately, the Airsteril units are a great success and it has eliminated all odours and now the bathrooms have a pleasant and neutral aroma.