Airsteril Australia

How Airsteril 
Technology works

Airsteril addresses a problem that conventional air purifiers are confronted with.  Inside a room, air circulates in a random manner, even with ventilation systems, you cannot control the way air moves.


This means stagnant air masses are regularly present, it can take hours and even days for the air to move and pass through a filtration system. Air contains a combination of air particulates, pollutants and pathogens. It is important to treat them all.


Current air purification systems are based on a common principle.  The air must pass through their machines to be cleaned. Because the air masses remain stagnant, air already cleaned goes back into the unit to be cleaned repeatedly. 


Meanwhile, other air remains completely untreated.  They cannot claim to clean the entire room. Airsteril has solved this problem, because the air in the room does not necessarily need to move through the body for it to be effectively purified. Air is pulled into the Airsteril device either via Thermal convection or a built in product fan.


Inside the unit, contaminated air is subjected to Germicidal UVC rays.  Ultra Violet light which kills or inactivates micro-organisms by disrupting their DNA (thus destroying their vital functions).  This includes viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi.  As air flows through the catalyst coated baffles, free OH radicles are produced, these eliminate odourless pollutants, breaking them down to harmless carbon dioxide and water. 

The super purified air then leaves the machine in the form of plasma quatro which include negative ions and low level of ozone. It is not only clean, but is itself energised cleaning air which distributes to every corner of the area.


The negative ions act like a magnet to particulates in the air causing them to stick together and fall to the ground.  


As the air distributes, ozone or o3 seeks to revert to the more stable form of oxygen o2, so will transmit it’s third oxygen atom to any contaminants along the way, oxidising and destroying pollutants leaving a fresh, pleasant environment. This combination of airsteril technology constantly reduces contamination,

Both in the air and all surfaces through-out a room whilst remaining completely safe for people. Airsteril provides a clean, fresh and pleasant environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  This provides the best protection from micro-organisms, allergens, harmful organic compounds and unpleasant odours.



We are proud members of the european ozone trade association, as part of the euota we work to improve the education, information and regulation around the use of ozone, ensuring efficient and safe products and practices are maintained at all times.