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Natural cold, flu and bronchitis remedies are the common queries every year, usually between May and September, in Australia. How do you know that you have cold, flu and bronchitis, and what is the difference between these 3 conditions? They are all have similar symptoms– but how do you know that you don’t have Covid-19?

In this article, I will be outlining the following issues:


  • How do you know the difference between Cold, Flu and Bronchitis and their Remedies?
  • Symptoms of the Common Cold
  • Symptoms of the Flu
  • Symptoms of Bronchitis

How do you know the difference between Cold, Flu and Bronchitis and their Remedies?

My advice would be, don’t take the risk. Any sign of a dry throat and ongoing symptoms of any of the following symptoms, make an appointment with your Doctor and get tested as soon as possible. It is better to be safe than sorry. Some people are asymptomatic and are walking around in the community spreading the disease to friends and family without even being aware that they have it. So, to be safe during the pandemic, please book an appointment with your GP and get tested.

The symptoms for Cold, Flu and Bronchitis are all very similar but have some key differences which I have outlined below. I have also listed a range of 10 natural remedies that you can use at home to assist with your improvement. You can use these on their own or add to what is suggested by your Doctor.

It is best not to turn to drugs and anti-biotics too often, so if you can treat your symptoms with the following natural remedies, we all know that prevention is better than cure. Look after your bodies and wear a mask in public places. If you are unwell, stay at home.

Symptoms of the Flu

Flu lasts around 2 weeks. Unlike a cold, you feel like you generally go from feel well to unwell within 1 hour. It has similar symptoms, but you get all symptoms at once. Symptoms can include runny nose, headaches, coughing, feeling lethargic and sneezing. Also, extreme exhaustion, headaches, achy sensitive skin to touch plus a fever and chills. More likely to be a dry cough with mucas.

Symptoms of the Common Cold

A cold usually lasts around 7 days. Runny nose, headaches, coughing lethargic, sore muscles, and sneezing. Very similar symptoms to the Flu, but with the Flu you experience all symptoms at once. With a cold, it is more likely to be one at a time. You’re sick, but you can still function.

Symptoms of Bronchitis

When bronchial tubes, which carry air to your lungs get infected and swollen, it’s called bronchitis. Symptoms of this condition include a nagging cough and might include mucas that’s yellow or green.


There are 2 types:


Symptoms last a few weeks, but usually not longer than that. It is recommended you see a Doctor if symptoms persist longer than 2 weeks, especially if it does not feel like it is getting better.


It keeps coming back. It’s more serious than acute bronchitis and one of the conditions that leads to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). You may also find yourself whistling or wheezing while you breathe. You are more likely to have this if you smoke.

Ten Natural Remedies you can use to alleviate some of the symptoms for Cold, Flu and Bronchitis

1. Blow your nose often

Do not re-use the same tissue over and over, because this may cause re-infection. You can rub some eucalyptus or VapoRub in the tissue and just inhale to help you with your breathing.

2. Stay Rested

Even if you can’t sleep, just lay down and relax for awhile or watch TV, don’t anything rigorous and try to switch off.

3. Gargle Lemon Juice and Honey

If you can stand it straight or dilute it with warm water if required. This will help to kill any bacteria and will help to stop you from coughing

4. Drink hot liquids to prevent hydration

There are many alternatives available including chamomile tea, organic tea, soup or just hot water with lemon and honey. It is recommended to drink between 8 to 12 glasses a day if you can. While you are unwell, you lose a lot of fluids.

5. Try a Throat Lozenge intermittently through-out the day

Echinacea, Zinc, Vitamin C and Aloe all help with irritation of the nose and throat. Try not to take too many, you can space it out with a nice cup of mint tea or other organic tea that you enjoy. If you need to sweeten, try to use honey as this is well known for soothing the throat and has healing properties.

6. Aspirin

Low doses of aspirin can help with an upper respiratory infection. Keep it to a minimum and try a combination of other options in this list to help you not rely on just one remedy alone.

7. Try a rub

You can use mint and peppermint oils to rub on your chest to relieve your breathing and help reduce the need to cough, which you need to keep to a minimum if you don’t want to aggrevate your throat. You can also use VapoRub or another alternative.

8. Take a hot steamy shower

This can loosen up the mucas that is building up and help you to breathe more freely. It is also helps you just before you are about lay down on a comfortable bed and helps you to fall asleep. Just stay in the shower for about 10 minutes before sleep.

9. Avoid any treatment that aggrevates your lungs

Irritants like smoke, pollen, chemical fumes, dust and air pollution can all contribute to the irritation on your throat and travels to your lungs. This will disturb your throat and lungs and will make you want to cough.

10. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine

This sounds obvious, but while you are unwell this is the worst thing to drink. It will make you tired and generally unwell. This can weaken your immune system and will not aid in your recovery process. You are best to use natural remedies to help you recover faster.

How do you catch the Cold, Flu and Bronchitis

It is usually passed on from person to person through touch, or breathing in germs and bacteria that have been left behind by someone who is sick. Make sure you clean your hands regularly and practise safe distancing.

If you are feeling generally unwell, get tested and do not go outdoors for 14 days, unless you are visiting your Doctor. You could be spreading whatever you have to others.

Other Cold, Flu and Bronchitis Remedies

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