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Human exposure to Allergy and Asthma affects the lungs and makes an infected person harder to breathe. Airsteril, an air purification system based in Australia helps to purify the air and is also essential to the Allergy and Asthma Treatment.


In this article, learn about the symptoms of allergic asthma, some causes of the condition, and some potential treatment options.

How do you reduce severe outbreaks for allergy and asthma sufferers?

At Airsteril Australia, we concentrate on the underlying cause of allergy symptoms and not just the symptoms themselves. This gives you the opportunity to remove the irritants before they result in a severe attack. It is a combination of reducing other factors that maybe causing the outbreak. What is not known by many people is there are other irritants in your house that could be causing problems with your household members. This includes the pets in your house. Read on and I will explain.

Allergy & Asthma Sufferers

The following are some factors to determine the effect of Allergy and Asthma:  

  • Do you dread Spring days because you know sneezing, itchy watery eyes and congestion are right around the corner?
  • Are you unable to have pets in your home because your loved one is allergic to pet dander?
  • Does your allergies affecting your work and your lifestyle?
  • Is your child at home allergic to dust mites but everything you do to kill them is not helping?
  • How do you kill dust mites?

Most of these issues also affect asthma sufferers and you don’t know it upfront. All of a sudden you have an outbreak. It is the things you can’t see that are actually making the outbreak worse, in combination with watching what you eat, you also need to remove the things in the air you cannot see.

There are many allergy sufferers out there that are more extensive than my examples below, but there is a solution to killing the germs and bacteria in your house. It is far more effective than a standard air purifier, which only removes particles out of the air. Did you know HEPA filters do not kill germs on hard surfaces? But, like all allergies and various health conditions like asthma and eczema, the total solution is not just about the food you eat.


It is far more effective to treat the root cause. My father was advised he was allergic to yeast, cheese and all the foods he loved. He died of an asthma attack at 47 years of age. My mother was constantly trying to help him keep it under control and it is very difficult, because you don’t know what is causing it. You quite often blame other things, like the food you eat, when in reality it is the air you breathe.


Pollen is a big contributor to asthma sufferers and this is why the Weather Presenter on TV warns you about the pollen count when it is high. But you can’t keep it out of your house. As soon as you open the door, the pollen and other pollutants blow inside. Pinpointing the exact contributor can be tricky.


It could be a number of factors, but when you are allergic to something, there is a good chance you could be allergic to other environmental factors. Little was known when my Dad passed away in 1989, but his death had other impacts on my own health.


Immediately following my Dad’s death in 1989, I started experiencing a more pronounced sensation in my stomach that moved up toward my head. I did not know what it was, but I could not move or speak each time it happened. 12 months later and after many Doctors consultations they prescribed me medication that just made it worse. In fact, I almost had a car accident due to the strength of the medication they were giving me for anxiety attacks. I was advised this was common when you experience a death in the family.


When I was sent to a Neurologist, they found out I was epileptic. I had what they called Absence Seizures, so other people are highly unlikely to notice the side effects. But I always knew I had something, because I got the warning signal that I was about to have an episode. I knew I was different to everyone else, but they were so minor and I never went to the Doctor. I remember when I was young, my Mother always bragged to people that we were all healthy children and did not need to see the Doctor.


The warning signals I used to experience before a seizure are called de je vu sensations by the specialists. They are quick, but the entire sensation lasts for about 30 seconds before I have a seizure.


For many years I suffered from eczema and I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but it was always there. No matter what I did, my dry skin kept coming back. During adolesence, I experienced bad acne because I also had very oily skin on my face. I did see an expensive beautician for an acne problem (due to my oily skin) who sold me hundreds of dollars worth of beauty products. Plus, I was paying for the consultations and ongoing visits to the beautician while she continued to sell me more product. Her products were making my acne worse and my skin was turning red while her products dried out the oil. I was 18 years old. But all it did was irritate my skin all the more because I also suffered from eczema.

Specialist Advise

When I eventually saw a real skin specialist, he told me to throw everything she had sold me in the rubbish bin. He advised that I should use a natural soap and water to clean my skin. Part of the problem was the products she gave me were actually causing my acne outbreaks and making my eczema worse, which was not diagnosed until many years later. My skin eventually cleared up on it’s own, I simply had naturally oily skin (which is a good thing). I stopped using perfumed soaps and my acne disappeared. It appears that any type of soap was too strong for my skin so I just used water on it’s own to ease the high level of irritation.


Now that I know that if I dry out my skin too much on my feet and hands, I will get eczema – and too much oil will cause acne. I avoid all chemicals and perfumes on my skin. I use a natural moisturiser on my face.

Dust Mites

In reality, everyone is different. I recently had a call from a new client who had a newborn baby suffering from a dust mite allergy. She had been to a naturopath and spent thousands of dollars with appointments and tried their so-called cures. At her witts-end, she reached out to us.


When I asked about her problem, she explained that she was advised by her specialist that it had something to do with her. As she explained, her child suffered from an allergy that was passed on from mother to child during pregnancy. Somehow, she felt personally responsible for her child’s illness and this made her upset. She was advised by specialists that her child was allergic to Dust Mites. So, she could not risk taking things out of the boxes that she packed away, in case the Dust Mites were in there. She could not identify exactly where they were coming from because you can’t see them. Her house does not have carpet, so where are the coming from?

“They are everywhere and she is still getting sick. I don’t know how to stop them.”

Finding the Right Solution

But until you rid yourself of the root cause and identify what is actually causing these issues, how can you stop it? I explained to her how effective Airsteril Australia has been in their efforts to destroy micro-organisms which include Dust Mites. They also are in your mattress and reproducing from your own dry skin. Dust Mites do not drink water, they absorb the moisture in the air. So, they thrive very well in areas of high humidity.


She requested more information explaining how the Airsteril technology works – specifically with removing Dust Mites and how effective it is. We have a highly technical explanation available and I ordinarily, I don’t like to confuse people with scientific jargon. But sometimes this helps people understand that this is not just sales hype, the patented techology actually works. All our claims are backed up by real evidence. We have been doing this for more than 10 years and we have many 3rd party, independent studies by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), the Amubulance Service in the UK (12 month study) and many others. Our scientific team are constantly improving the technology and Airsteril has been patented in the UK.

Technical Article on Dust Mites – available on request

If this happens to be your problem, please ask for this same technical article which explains the scientific process. We have alot of material available on request with your particular problem. This is why air purifiers with HEPA filters will not work to remove these tiny micro organisms that keep coming back, even after a thorough clean. Airsteril air purifiers work to remove germs, bacteria, mould, odour and micro organisms in the air, on hard surfaces, beneath the floorboards and in the carpet. All the germs and bacteria that you will need a microscope to see are killed within 24 hours, and you will continue to see improvement over the coming weeks. I sent her this same technical article to her via email and she purchased the product immediately. The issue had become URGENT.


There are many problems in the house that cause allergies and asthma but some of them are common.

What causes Asthma and Allergies?

Many of these irritants you cannot see because they are microscopic in size and as soon as you open the door or window, pollen and other irritants are blown into the house through the air. If you move into a new house, the threat is even more iminent because you don’t know how well the house has been cleaned. Airsteril have a National contract with Flick Pest Control for this very reason. Airsteril also hire out a Rapid Decontamination Unit by the hour to assist with this initial deep clean requirement.


The room needs to be vacated for 24 hours, but the unit only needs to be running for about 3 – 4 hours. Within 24 hours, it is completely safe to re-enter the room. This is very effective with Covid-19 cases in Nursing Homes, where someone has passed away and the room needs a rapid clean. This is also much cheaper than hiring cleaners to do the job.

Moving into a New House?

What to do if you have moved into a new place with carpet and dust mites, germs and bacteria are everywhere.


How do you kill them? They just keep breeding and you can’t see them to know where they are.

Other causes Allergy and Asthma

  • Inhalant Allergies – mould, ragweed, grasses, tree pollen, dust mites and many more
  • Food Allergies – eggs, peanuts, milk, soy, wheat, yeast, almonds and many more
  • Pet Allergies – dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, mice and feathers
  • Stinging Insect Allergies – yellow jackets, homets, wasps, honey bees and fire ants
  • Skin Allergies – eczema, hives and skin irritations

So how do you remove the tiny germs, dust mites, pollen, smoke, mould and pet dander in your home without affecting everyone else in the home? You don’t want to use poisonous disinfectants and sprays that can cause other harm to you and your family.


If you use an air purifier that replaces the air with perfume. This is not helpful at all to your situation, because the perfume is probably causing a lot of the problems. But it is certainly not removing any of the germs, pollen, smoke, mould and pet dander in your house.


Airsteril Australia do have the solution and it is available now. But, before I get to that, do you know what standard air purifiers with HEPA filters actually do? They remove particles out of the air, up to 0.3 microns, so they are 99.7% effective at removing particles. They do not capture the tiny pollutants that are causing your problems with allergies. The units remove 99.99% of bacteria and germs within 24 hours. In 1 hour – they have removed 98.11% of bacteria and germs. This is much more effective than an air purifier with HEPA filters. They are also cheaper to run and only require an annual lamp change – costing about $150 per year.

How does Airsteril work?

Our product is an air sterilisation unit, not just an air purifier. Airsteril units sterilise the air 24/7 – so you leave them running all day. The longer they are left switched on, the more micro-organisms they are killing. Plus, they stop the germs and bacteria from breeding. You plug the unit into the wall and it constantly cleans the air. The magic happens inside the unit. It is based on 5 technologies, but much more powerful than other products. Also, Aisteril Australia is constantly improving their technology. That is why our technology has been patented in the UK and has been accredited by the HPA (Health Protection Agency) and they are being used by Public Hospitals and 5.5 star hotels around the Country and Globally. They are exclusively sold through Airsteril Distributors, so you cannot buy them elsewhere.


They do remove all the germs, pollen, smoke, mould and pet dander in the house. But, they do much more than that. All the microscopic organisms lurking in your home are constantly being destroyed. This also assists during Covid-19 outbreaks, because this is just another germ that you are killing in your house. You find your entire household is much healthier as a result. You will experience less headaches, flu, colds and you will generally just feel better. Bacteria do not stand a chance of replicating, so just killing the adult is not enough. You need to stop them producing offspring for the next phase in the reproduction process.

Other Takeaways

The Ambulance Service in the UK under-took an intensive study which was so successful in reducing sick leave, that they continued the study all around the country with similar results. They saved more than 300,000 Euro’s in sick leave over the course of 12 months.


Airsteril Australia have products that kills and destroys mould and eliminates bad odour, killing those tiny micro-organisms that cause a lot of problems. They are very effective in bathrooms and public toilets

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