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Airsteril air purifiers are made with their unique 5 technologies that have been patented in the UK.  Technically, air purifiers are actually in their own category of Air Sterilisers because they don’t just clean the air, they actually sterilise the air.  They are an air sterilisation unit.  Air purifiers basically inhale bad air at one end and kill all the germs inside the sterilisation chamber.  When the air is cleaned in the chamber, it is then expelled into the air through vapour droplets (water) and pure oxygen.  So, they are 100% natural.  You will find this explanation over and over on our website because there are no chemicals and it is clean air that is released and circulated throughout the room.


The recycled air also releases ions into the air which are negatively charged throughout the air so germs and bacteria clump together.  These germs and bacteria are then forced upwards and are attracted to the base of the Airsteril unit like a magnet.  This continual process cleans the air on a large scale.  They are business-grade equipment that is capable of handling germs, smells, smoke, mould spores and they are used in large open areas.


Do you have a problem with Dust mites?  Read our article on our website specifically about this issue because Airsteril helps with this process too.

Depending on the size of the room, we will recommend the size of the Air purifier, you require and where to place them in a room for maximum effect.  They are very well known throughout Europe as being a high-quality business grade air purifier.  Thousands of people walk in and out of public toilets, which are known breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.  Airsteril stands up to the most horrific smells and kills everything in sight – but also the germs and bacteria that we don’t see.


Air purifiers are used in large international Airports where there are thousands of people walking in and out every day.  This includes Sydney Airport, Frankfurt Airport and Heathrow Airport where there are thousands of foot traffic every day.  You will know if you ever visit a public toilet with Airsteril present because it will smell lovely and fresh.  No perfumes, just clean, fresh air.  More importantly, Airsteril is perfect for high-risk areas such as Nursing Homes / Aged Care Facilities and anywhere that you need to protect your loved ones.  If you care for someone at home that needs protection, Airsteril is the solution you have been looking for.    In comparison to the cost of burying your loved ones (which we don’t want to do), Airsteril is a must-have item that should not be spared when thinking about the most precious people that you care for.


You should ask the owners of your Aged Care Facility, what type of equipment they are using to care for your loved ones?  What kind of air purifiers are you using and are they killing germs or just removing particles out of the air?  You should insist on the best.


HEPA filters only remove particles from the air.  They do not kill germs on hard surfaces.  What are they using and why?  Where is the evidence that Air purifiers actually helps with covid?

In the UK, there was an intensive study completed in 2009 by the Health Protection Agency that proved that Airsteril actually removes 99.99% of germs within 24 hours.  In fact, it removes 99.9% of germs in 10 minutes.


Watch our videos online (both in Australia and the UK) and you will find out many answers to the questions you would like to ask before buying an Air Purifier.  Do not waste your money with inferior products.  Airsteril is the product of choice in the UK and you will find many associations throughout the UK are listed on the website.  It is now being released in Australia and you should know about this product that delivers results and protects your loved ones.


If you search online for Airsteril, you will find they have many offices internationally with a growing presence.  Many of them are tagging Australia in their social media posts as our presence become more and more well-known


You can only purchase Airsteril through a reputable distributor in Australia.  You cannot buy them on eBay and you cannot buy them in your general store because Airsteril is a Commercial grade product sold to businesses.  That is not to say that they are only available to business and we welcome all enquiries from residential customers too.  So, contact Airsteril Australia today for more information.  And yes, because we are in Australia, we have real people on the end of the telephone who are happy to help you with enquiries.  We are also happy to answer questions via a Zoom call Free of charge.

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