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Airsteril Australia

Eliminate offensive odour and control infections

Airsteril australia provide air purifer products that specialise in odour and infection control.

About Us

Airsteril air purifiers are premium medical air purification equipment that are completely safe.  Our innovative air purifiers are being rolled out across the country to nursing homes and schools where there is an urgent need to help save the elderly and our precious children.

Airsteril removes odour, kill germs and remove pollutants both in the air and on hard surfaces 24 hours / day.  The proven scientific formula has been perfected over many years because we listen to our customer concerns and have a team of scientists that constantly improve the technology.

We are committed to providing indoor clean air quality from the accredited innovative technology that is available to us.  Our wide range of air purification products are designed and imported from the UK, who specialise in air purification products that help with controlling odour and infections in enclosed spaces.

We care about the air you breathe.  Airsteril have made sure our internationally accredited products are 100% safe for a range of environments including washrooms, nursing homes, care homes, hospitals and schools.

We are the only air purifier that can eliminate 99.97% of odours and bacteria found in the air and on hard surfaces within 24 hours.

How Airsteril Technology works

Airsteril addresses a problem that conventional air purifiers are confronted with.  Inside a room, air circulates in a random manner, even with ventilation systems, you cannot control the way air moves.

This means stagnant air masses are regularly present, it can take hours and even days for the air to move and pass through a filtration system.  Air contains a combination of air particulates, pollutants and pathogens.  It is important to treat them all.

Current air purification systems are based on a common principle.  The air must pass through their machines to be cleaned. Because the air masses remain stagnant, air already cleaned goes back into the unit to be cleaned repeatedly. 

Meanwhile, other air remains completely untreated.  They cannot claim to clean the entire room.  Airsteril has solved this problem, because the air in the room does not necessarily need to move through the body for it to be effectively purified.  Air is pulled into the Airsteril device either via Thermal convection or a built in product fan.

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Unique product benefit

  • For continuously occupied enclosed spaces
  • Ideal for Aged Care Home resident bedrooms, also Offices and smaller areas
  • Wall mounted silent operation – Thermal Convection
  • Odour and infection control in medical establishments (commercial and domestic)
  • Plugs into wall socket, easy fixing, transportable
  • Low running costs – Annual lamp change with 24/7 operation

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