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The Government is rolling out air purifiers in schools in the quest to remove the dangers of COVID-19. This is the largest investment in school ventilation in the nation. They are also recommending the use of carbon dioxide monitors.

They plan on spending $24.8 billion this year and $26.4 billing next year in Australia.
Victoria is deploying 51,000
NSW is deploying 19,000
Tasmania is deploying 4,500
Western Australia is deploying 12,000

There were arguments from parents stating natural ventilation is the most effective method of minimising the effects of COVID-19. The problem with HEPA filter units is they only remove particles out of the air and they are not effective in removing bad air from a large area.

Airsteril does not work on HEPA filters. It kills germs in the air and on hard surfaces using ozone and UV technology – 99.99% of germs are killed within 24 hours. It is an air sterilisation unit and uses completely different technology. Opening doors and windows lets in smoke, pollen, and other impurities that are well known for causing asthma and allergies. In fact, 1 in 10 school children suffers from such allergies.


We know we need to:

Smoke is outside

The dangers are known, especially during bushfires. You can actually use Airsteril to get rid of the smoke and bad odours. Natural ventilation is not such a good idea at all. Schools need a high-quality air sterilisation unit that also kills germs. After all, isn’t the problem actually Covid? What is covid? It is a germ that needs to be killed. The spread of these germs are highly contagious in small confined areas.

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