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As the summer approaches nearer, risks of seasonal allergy symptoms are standing at the doorstep as well. Even though most people are staying at home, allergies can still circulate in the room space or the house space forcing you to sneeze, cough and make the day to day life; a living hell. Apart from just cleaning and maintaining a sanitized house, getting clean air has been a challenging task as we are all enlightened to the fact already post the American bush fires. Most of the people spent their year thinking about the Covid-19 and Allergies.


A lot of people have switched towards the Air purifier revolution. Air purifiers filter out the majority of allergy-causing particles from the air present in the room, also removing the tiny pollutants that are settled in the various surfaces and corners of the house. Most of the purifiers present in the market are incapable of removing or eliminating the dust, dirt and pollutants completely from the air, that’s why you need to buy the best air purifier for allergies.


According to reports, efficient and effective air purifiers can help in extra cleaning as they reduce airborne contaminants like viruses, boost air quality, and remove the bad odour as well.

How beneficiary is Air purifiers for allergy remedies?


It has been proven to some extent that air purifiers can reduce allergies by cleaning the air around you but also remove the triggers for respiratory diseases such as Asthma and lung cancer by removing the dust particles, pollutants and allergic components suspended in the air. But the effective cleaning does depend on several factors which are given below:


However, if you think that these purifiers can safeguard you from the Covid-19 virus, then you might be wrong, there is no air purifier that can ensure complete protection against viruses, while they can decrease the concentration of the virus in the air that causes the Covid-19 disease, But you shall consider Face masks, Shields, sanitizer and Social distancing for complete protection against Covid-19.

What are the factors that you shall consider when choosing an Air purifier for Allergies?

Size of the room:

Air purifiers are available in a wide variety of options based on their Air purification capacity in metre cube. Depending upon the fact whether you need it for portable use, the living area of the office can be a great determiner. If you want something that can be switched places, then you shall go for something that has great power and capacity according to the standards of your requirement. You shall go for a heavy capacity Air purifier if you have multiple allergy suffering persons under one roof.

Allergen removal capacity:

Before buying an air purifier for allergy, you must find out or inquire precisely about the airborne substances that the purifier filters out. It doesn’t matter if the purifier filters out the maximum allergens and leaves the one that you have an allergy with, then it is of no use. The best ones in the segment can filter out pollen, dust, and pet dander. It also removes the unpleasant odours generated from cooking, disinfectant smell post-cleaning and odours created by pets.


Air filters:

Many purifiers have multi-layered filtration systems which might be quite effective but we recommend the use of air purifier models that are HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Air) compliant. The filters are usually made of materials like cotton, fibreglass or foam.


Whereas, HEPA filters are made out of particles that are as small as 3 microns and are capable of filtering out 99.97 percent of the impurities and allergens suspended in the air. On the other hand, carbon-based filters are exceptionally good at handling and filtering larger particles and odours and are not that effective against dust, dander and moles which are comparatively smaller in size.


Operating Noise:

Air purifiers cannot be completely silent if they are in a perfect working state. So you must pick something that has multiple fan speeds, controlled functions that can give you a better handling experience making them create less noise when heavy operations are not needed. This can help to lower the decibel value in the house. There is a quick suggestion, that the air filtration will be still the same even if the fan speed is set at the lowest because the filtering section has been working in full force while the noise will be reduced if you opt for lower fan speeds. So you get the same filtration but with low noise.

Smart Automation:

Nowadays only those gadgets and appliances are making a buzz that is not only good at their operations but also offer the most advanced controlling feature – Wi-Fi enabled or smart automation. This allows the user full control of the device without having to depend on the analogue buttons but rather from the tips of fingers through your smartphones. You can switch on /off or adjust fan speed whenever and wherever you wish. This is a desirable and important feature considering the busy lifestyles of people.



We have tried to list down some of the best names in the industry that would be suitable for people suffering from Allergy, Asthma and other respiratory diseases which are given below:

1) Airsteril WF 20/40/60/80 – MultiFlex Unit:

The MF range is capable of covering areas from 20 square metres to more than 300 square metres. It is a perfect range for big organizations and institutions. MF 20 is capable of 20 square metres and MF 80 is capable of covering more than 80 square metres, so multiple devices can facilitate larger areas of 200 square metres or more, making it suitable for auditoriums and schools.


 2) Airsteril MP100- Rapid Response/ Rubbish Room Unit: MP100 is designed for spaces with larger areas. It can cover areas up to 100 square metres. Multiple units can be used for covering even larger areas of space.

Features that make it desirable:

Hope this article helps you out in understanding the roles of Air purifiers for allergy treatments and makes it easier for you to make decisions.

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