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● The unique technology used in the Airsteril Air purifiers has been tried, tested, and refined over many years to ensure the best outcomes with every supplied unit. There is a team of scientists working on the constant improvement of the 5 technologies that have been patented in the UK. Natural UV is one of the technologies that is completely stored within each unit to ensure Airsteril’s complete safety. Ultra Violet light is responsible for killing microorganisms and you would recognize it by the natural rays that are generated from the sun. In small quantities, it is not only 100% natural, but it is completely safe and kills germs. 5 unique technologies work together to make these types of air purifiers the most efficient form of air purification on the market. The internal technology comprises of Germicidal Irradiation and PCO- Photocatalytic Oxidation. Internationally, this technology is very well known, it is not as well-known in Australia.


● The transmitted PCO technology comprises superoxide and targeted ozone which is better than any HEPA filter, to break down contamination in the air and on the exposed surfaces. HEPA filters will only remove particles from the air, they will not kill germs. There is constant testing by our team of scientists who are constantly improving our technology, they receive a lot of feedback from our international customers.


● The air purifiers developed by Airsteril are unique and their technology is patented in the UK. They have the highest level of control over odour and microorganisms which makes them the best choice in the market to be used in public washrooms and in public hospitals where there is constant contamination in the air, in hidden areas, and on hard surfaces. They also kill and eliminate fungi, VOCs, and mould spores, which are common in bathrooms and moist places. The infections and odours that are created by bacteria are capable of eliminating both airborne as well as surface bacteria. It is a well-known fact that viruses are caused by the spread of germs and bacteria (the source) and if not killed, they will continue to grow and spread. Airsteril removes these germs at the source of the problem, wherever they are lurking.


● Having unpleasant odours in an enclosed space can be very embarrassing, this creates the spread of infections and makes us compromise on the hygiene standard. The innovative air purifiers are medically proven to be safe to be used in enclosed spaces, areas with poor ventilation. Over the many years of testing by our in-house team of scientists in conjunction with testing and feedback by our substantial customer base, it has been proven over and over again that the technology works. The reason why we use 5 technologies and use small amounts of each technology in combination has resulted in a 100% safe product.


● Our ongoing testing is not new, we have results of large-scale testing since 2009 and 2013. Results of these tests are paramount to the rapid take-up rate by our customers and the customers of large-scale Associations within the public system through-out the UK and the International community. Airsteril has stood up to the vigorous testing of the products by external Associations and Businesses that have endorsed the product after under-taking their own independent tests. This is why their logos appear on the UK website, due to the long-term association Airsteril have enjoyed with our external partners. We work closely with our customers and various health associations and as a result, they openly share their results with us. This is why we work with residential clients as well as large and small businesses in many sectors of the market.

Proven Efficient Use of the Airsteril Range of Innovative Air Purifiers


Internal Note by Sylvana

What year?  Where was it held?  What were the results of the tests?  How many days was the conference?  Let me contact the UK office and get some more information on this.  We should also have access to articles that were written at the time.  I am also aware of accreditation by the International Standards Association – ISO.  We do have a certificate that I have seen.  This could be helpful.


Always reach out if you need more information.


I will send you a copy of the PowerPoint Display that we have in relation to the units at the Sydney Airport (Australia), Frankfurt Airport (Germany), and Heathrow Airport (UK).  They are mainly using them in their toilets, but we will make contact with them to talk about their progress.

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