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Covid-19 has been responsible for poor health outcomes to the population at large.  However, there is no doubt that the most significant impacts have been felt by the elderly population, especially for those over the age of 70.  This is because of the deterioration in their immunity and their respiratory system tends to be weaker in comparison to the younger population.


The elderly age group already suffer from a range of health issues which include lung disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and a range of other diseases.  Their age reduces their ability to be able to defend themselves, so they are the hardest hit with this disease and find it more difficult to fight it.


Therefore, individuals in this age group are far more susceptible than others to die from Covid-19.  Younger people are more likely to be able to fight the disease because they are fit and healthy in comparison to the elderly.

During this time, many nursing homes and hospitals are trying to protect their patients in particular.  It has definitely been classified as a high-risk category and it is one of the areas that has been subject to strict visitation protocols.  This is especially painful to their direct relatives who cannot even visit once they are given a limited amount of time to live.  Relatives have been forbidden to enter the aged care facilities in case they pass something on to their loved ones.  I understand their concerns, but should they be allowed to say their last goodbye?  Sometimes, the rules don’t make sense.


They are particularly frail and not in a position to fight Covid-19 if they get sick.  Whereas the younger generation can rely on their healthy immunity to fight off the disease.  This is very sad and we do have to protect them Covid-19.  But, should they be allowed to say goodbye to their Mum or Dad and Grandchildren?  It is quite often not possible to visit and this is a sad reality.


Unfortunately, during this time, we have learned the hard way – that by visiting relatives under these conditions, we could be killing them with kindness.  But there is a solution to this madness.

During this time, it was suggested that using air purifiers could reduce the threat of the virus.  In fact, they are being utilized in Schools and Public Hospitals to try to combat the problem (germs).  There are many people coming and going in these facilities including residents, their relatives, and friends but also carers, doctors, nurses, and the many other staff who come and go.  This makes it a high-risk area and it is difficult to find the cause of the outbreak when it occurs.


Just remember air purifiers with HEPA filters only remove particles out of the air.  They do not kill germs and bacteria.  Why does Covid-19 spread?  It is the germs and bacteria that cause Covid-19 in the first place.

Airsteril is different.  It does not use HEPA filters.  The whole process is focused on killing germs and bacteria.  In fact, they remove 99.99% of germs within 24 hours.  They can be portable and moved around, but it is better to allow them to continue killing germs and bacteria 24/7…  that is, if you want to be protected around the clock.  This is the whole idea, right?  This is why we walk around wearing masks wherever we go.


For this reason, constant hard surface cleaning is required for not only the air but also in the hard-to-reach areas where germs and bacteria are breeding. Airsteril can help with this situation because they kill 99.9% of germs within 10 minutes of operation.  After 24 hours it has killed 99.99% of germs.  You can’t get any clearer than that.  It is much safer to share the same air when germs are constantly being killed right?  Covid-19 at the end of the day is all about spreading germs and we want to reduce the risk of getting sick, don’t we?


Masks are not necessarily all that safe.  It is well known that they are responsible for causing pneumonia because we are breathing in and out…  very warm, moist air in a confined space.  It is questionable whether they are a healthy alternative.   If the public only knew that they are actually causing other problems that they are not 100% aware of.


Do the hospitals tell you this?  Did you know this fact? Ask your local chemist, they will tell you if you ask.

The worst air purifiers are the kind that just sprays perfume into the air which just masks the air with a pleasant smell.  They are not very good for you at all and especially bad for asthma sufferers and allergy sufferers.

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